Emirates Islamic (2023)

Card payments can be made through a range of different channels including:

Cheque Payments

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Cheque deposits through the Drop Box, which is available at all designated branches. Make sure that you write your name and Credit Card number on the back of the cheque.

Please Note: Cheques are sent for Clearing and payment is made after the funds are received, which can take 3 - 5 days.

Exchange Houses

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Payments through UAE Exchange, Al Rostamani Exchange, Al Fardan Exchange House and Al Ansari Exchange can be made in cash up to a maximum value of AED 35,000 per day. All payments will reflect in your credit card account in 2 to 3 working days.

Pay Bills Online

As an Emirates Islamic account holder, you can use your online banking service to pay your monthly bills online. Simply visit www.emiratesislamic.ae and log in to online banking. Call 600 599995 for assistance to link your Credit Card with your online banking account.

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Online Auto Payment Facility

Schedule your monthly bill payment through your online banking account using the Auto Payment Transfer facility, which enables your monthly bill to be automatically deducted from your account at the click of a button.

Cash At Counter

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Make a cash payment for your Emirates Islamic Credit Card at any of our branches during banking hours.

Cash Deposit Machines

Make your payment by depositing the payment at one of our network of Cash Deposit Machines. You can make your payments even if you do not have your card with you, all you need is the card number.

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