Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (2023)

Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (1)

Are you dissatisfied with the results of a breast augmentation or other breast surgery?

Breast revision surgery can replace old implants or make other changes to improve the appearance of your breasts.

Dr. Bruce Hermann performs plastic surgery in Denton, TX, and can correct common complications to improve the look of your bustline.

Why Would I Need Breast Revision Surgery?

Complications after breast surgery can occur for any number of reasons, but are often attributed to:

  • Ruptured implants
  • Excessive scar tissue
  • Poor implant placement
  • Unrelated health problems
  • The work of an unqualified surgeon

With breast revision, Dr. Bruce Hermann can help patients who are unhappy with the results of a pastbreast surgery to improve their figure and boost their confidence. Dr. Hermann can perform breast revision for patients who have undergone breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, or breast reconstruction.

Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (2)

Let Us Improve the Shape of Your Bustline

Dr. Hermann is fellowship-trained in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, and offers revision surgery at North Texas Breast and Plastic Surgery Center in Denton, TX.

Whether you require simple modifications or complex reconstruction, our plastic surgeon has the training and experience needed to perform a breast revision and achieve your aesthetic goals.

We welcome patients from Flower Mound, Lewisville, and surrounding communities. To schedule your revision surgery consultation, contact our office online or call:

(940) 387-4900

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Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (3)

5-Star Results

Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (4)

Pamela Hunter


Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (5)

Dr Hermann recently performed a breast implant removal and reconstruction with new implants which was particularly challenging due to the extent of the scar tissue buildup. He did a beautiful job and I’m so thrilled with the result.

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Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (6)

Lori Robinson


Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (7)

Dr Hermann and his nurse Morgan are just amazing! I have had several procedures done and have been more than pleased with my results!

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Implant Displacement

Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (8)

Over time, breast implants can move out of their correct position within the breast. This can happen to one or both of your breasts, and is usually attributed to gravity, implants that are too heavy, problems with breast skin, or an error in the initial placement. This can lead to an asymmetrical bustline, implants that sit too low on the chest, implants that are too far apart from one another, and implants that move toward each other in the center of the chest.

Implant Rupture

Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (9)

Breast implants can rupture for several reasons, including wrinkling of the outer shell, natural deterioration over time, and injury to the chest. If you have a leaking saline implant, it can completely deflate as the saline issafely absorbed by your body. Silicone implant ruptures are more seriousbecause the gel leaks out slowly, causing pain and other health complications if the gel spreads to other parts of your body. Dr. Hermann can safely remove and replacefaulty breast implants. He can also treat any infection and remove any leaked silicone.

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Capsular Contracture

Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (10)

After a breast augmentation, your body will naturally form scar tissue around your breast implants. Capsular contracture occurs when the tissue surrounding the breast implant thickens or hardens, distorting the shape of the implant and causing pain.

During breast revision surgery, Dr. Hermann can remove the built-up scar tissue and replace the implant. Dr. Hermann can reduce the risk of capsular contracture by placing your implants under the muscle or using textured implants. Some patients also choose to remove their breast implants and not replace them.

Breast Asymmetry

Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (11)

Although breast implants can become lopsided as they settle in the chest, this condition can also occur in natural breast tissue for patients who have undergone a breast reduction or breast lift procedure. Because there are several variables, your plastic surgeon will plan a correctional surgery that's customized to fit your needs.

Patients who have undergone breast surgery are encouraged to wait until their breasts have finished healing before undergoing revisions. If your breasts have completely healed after your surgery and they're still uneven, Dr. Hermann can reposition the breast tissue or perform a breast lift to help you achieve a more symmetrical bustline.

"I Am So Pleased with the Results!"

Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (12)

Dawn Pryor

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Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (13)

From the beginning of this surgical journey, I found the office staff to be welcoming and friendly. They strived to accommodate my schedule and time. After meeting with Dr. Hermann initially, I could see how he sets the tone for his business. He was easy to talk to and patient in answering all of my questions, even when I needed to pop back in once more before my scheduled surgery to confirm my decision and ease my mind over the process. As I'm now 2 months post surgery, I am so pleased with the results! I wish I had done this years ago!...

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Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (14)

Kylie Murray

July 17, 20XX

Breast Revision Surgery Denton, TX - Lewisville, TX - Flower Mound, TX (15)

I went to Dr. Herman summer 2020 for a breast reduction consultation. I was very nervous about going in and if he was going to be able to get the desired look I wanted. He answered all my questions and spent the time to explain exactly how surgery would go. A few weeks later I scheduled my reduction! Surgery went great and I can’t imagine not doing the surgery. I’m in love with the results and my confidence has skyrocketed. Dr. Herman is a miracle worker!

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What to Expect during Surgery

During your initial consultation at our Denton, TX, office, our plastic surgeon will perform a thorough physical examination, carefully reviewing the results of your previous breast surgery. Dr. Hermannwill consider your current health, past medical procedures, and cosmetic goals before presenting all the available options to help you achieve the results you want.

Once a customized treatment plan has been established, your surgery can be scheduled. In general, you can expect that your procedure will involve:

I am passionate about providing patients with unparalleled quality of care and satisfying results. Dr. Bruce Hermann
I am passionate about providing patients with unparalleled quality of care and satisfying results. Dr. Bruce Hermann


Before the surgery, you will be placed under general anesthesia to ensure your comfort for the duration of the procedure.

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Dr. Hermann will then make an incision. The type of incision used during surgery depends on what is needed to correct the results of your breast augmentation or other surgery. In many cases, Dr. Hermann can minimize scarring by using the same incision sites as your initial plastic surgery.


Once he has access to the implants or tissues that need to be refined, Dr. Hermann will perform what was outlined in your surgery plan and restore your bustline.


Dr. Hermann will then close the incision with sutures and place gauze or bandages at the incision site. You may also be given a support bra to foster the healing process.


This is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will return home to recover the same day as the procedure. You will be provided with detailed recovery instructions to help you achieve the very best outcome.Your final results will become apparent as swelling subsides in the coming weeks.

I'm Ready to Schedule a Consultation

Who Is a Candidate for Breast Revision?

Women may choose breast revision for a variety of reasons. Good candidates for this kind of plastic surgery are:

  • In good overall health
  • Wanting a different implant
  • Wanting to increase or decrease the size of their breasts
  • Wishing to changethe shape of their breasts due toextreme weight fluctuations
  • Nonsmokers
  • Experiencingcomplications related to a past breast surgery
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Unhappy with a recent or past breast enhancement or breast reconstruction procedure

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Ensuring the Best Results with the BodyLogic System

At our state-of-the-art facility in Denton, TX, we are proud to use the BodyLogic® System, which allows us to provide more precise breast augmentation results by showing patients how the shape and size of each implant will look before undergoing surgery. This system gives patients a preview of their results so they can make an informed decision about their procedure.


How much does breast revision surgery cost? ›

As of 2022 breast revision surgery costs anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000. Sometimes, depending on the specifics of the surgery, the cost may be more.

How long does it take to get breast revision surgery? ›

In the case of cosmetic issues, such as problems with the size of your implants, it is wise to wait a minimum of three to six months before pursuing breast implant revision. Residual swelling takes time to subside and your implants need time to settle in their final position.

Is breast revision more expensive? ›

Breast implant revision surgery may cost slightly more than a primary breast augmentation procedure. It may involve a more intricate surgical procedure, depending on the reason why the revision needs to be performed.

Does insurance cover breast revision surgery? ›

Many insurance companies will cover breast implant removal or revision surgery if they consider the surgery to be “medically necessary,” but others will not. Some insurance companies even expressly state in their policy that “complications from cosmetic surgery” are not included.

Who pays for revision plastic surgery? ›

If revisions are needed, and depending on the reason for the revisions, it is the doctor's prerogative to determine if he or she will charge a fee for the additional work. In most cases, patients should expect to be charged a facility fee and a fee for the anesthesia (if necessary).

How painful is breast revision surgery? ›

Unfortunately, the sutures we use to close the capsule are generally painful, and for most patients a month or more of discomfort is common. I've had a few patients complain of this sharp painful feeling along the perimeter of their breasts for at least three months.

Is breast revision surgery easier? ›

The trauma of making the incisions and creating the breast pockets to hold the implants has already occurred during your original augmentation procedure. Because of that, most patients feel there is less pain and recovery is easier after revision surgery.

Are breast revisions common? ›

Breast augmentation is consistently one of the most commonly performed aesthetic operations every year. Unfortunately, revision rates following primary augmentation remain as high as 36%.

How is breast revision done? ›

Incisions are made around the edge of the areolas. After the incisions are made, scar tissue is excised and the old saline or silicone implants are removed. Your surgeon will then insert the new implants of your choice to provide you with your new look.

Is breast revision safe? ›

The possible risks of breast implant revision surgery include, but are not limited to: Anesthesia risks. Asymmetry. Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) or other very rare cancers in the capsule around the breast, such as breast implant-associated squamous cell carcinoma (BIA-SCC)

What are the benefits of breast revision surgery? ›

Increase or decrease your breast size. Improve your breast symmetry. Address any issues associated with a leaking implant or capsular contracture. Improve your self-image and self-confidence.

Why is revision surgery more expensive? ›

The presence of bone and soft-tissue defects makes the surgery technically challenging, and leads to higher complication rates compared with primary replacement. Several studies have shown that the use of hospital resources and the cost of revision surgery are substantially greater than for primary replacement.

Is revision surgery cheaper? ›

Revision work is usually best with the original surgeon because he/she was there before, they know you, and they know exactly what maneuvers have been used. It is usually less expensive.

Is breast augmentation cheaper the second time? ›

In general the cost of a second augmentation mammaplasty should be less than the first one, particularly if you are going back to the same surgeon. The recovery should be a lot easier. If you want to be bigger, you generally need to go up at least 200cc's in the size of the implant.


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