Brava, Cedar Shake Roof & Siding Tiles - Eco-Friendly, Durable, Composite Roofing Tiles (2023)

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    Authentic shake recycled roof & siding tile made in USA

    PRICING IS FOR A MINIMUM ORDER OF 12 SQUARES - if buying less than 12 squares, please call 800.405.0222 for quote.

    Brava Shake is an architectural roof & siding tile that simulates the natural appearance of real wooden shakes, but outperforms them in many ways. Unlike wooden shakes, Brava is impervious to the elements and virtually indestructible, which provides longer-lasting value and protection for your home. It requires almost no maintenance and will not support the growth of mold and mildew. And most importantly, it won't decay, crack or burn like wooden shake tiles. Instead of replacing your roof every 25 years, Brava Shake is an investment that will last as long as your home and will add excellent resale value.

    Made in the USA with 100% post industrial recycled polyethylene, Brava turns plastic destined for the landfill into a beautiful durable roofing & siding material. What sets Brava apart from other brands? Their variegated colors, i.e. two or more colors in one tile that provides a realistic appearance. This multi-coloring process runs all the way through the tile and, therefore, never wears off. Brava's blending of colors is patented and unique. No other roofing & siding tile offers this. Most competing tiles come only in solid colors and require special sorting which is more complex because it involves more judgment, and it involves more labor.

    All of Brava's products have undergone extensive testing and have received 3rd party certifications for the highest levels of wind, fire and hail resistance, and are backed by a 50-year limited warranty. Brava Shake carries a Class 4 impact rating and a Class A or C fire rating, which may significantly reduce insurance premiums in certain states. Finally, it is approved for winds of 110+ MPH in Dade County Florida with 8" exposure.

    Brava's Shake has several other advantages too: they're thicker and longer than other manufactured tiles. Brava Shake comes in 1/2" to 7/8" thicknesses with varied widths of 5", 7" and 12". This makes them physically stronger and provides a more striking visual profile. It also allows for a larger exposure of 10" compared to 6" or 7", which results in a faster installation. Brava shake tiles are 23" long, which provides an additional benefit of more protection due to a large head lap.

    Brava Shake is produced using some of today’s strongest recycled plastic; it will last longer than wooden shakes because it won't break or dent from hail, wind, rain, freeze/thaw, falling trees or contractors walking on it. Repairs are rarely needed. Ask anyone with a wooden shake roof and you'll come to understand its limitations, additional costs and potential for damage.

    Special starter tile, hip and ridge tiles and solid shake accessory tiles (for valleys) are also available. Click here for Accessory items.

    NOTE: This tile can be used as roofing and siding. See the installation manual for the roof. The tile would be put on the same way that it is installed for a roof. The main thing to make sure of when installing it is that it has a 3/8” gap between tile to allow for expansion and contraction.

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    Why We Like It

    While new wooden shake roofs and siding are attractive, they often lose their appeal after a few years. Their color changes to gray; even if you stain them a different color, which is expensive, they will regularly require additional staining. They can mold and mildew, which requires extensive cleaning, and they can crack from hail or damaging winds over time. The biggest issue is that they burn, which is why they are not allowed in certain subdivisions.With Brava's Shake tile, everything changes: there is virtually no maintenance, there are a variety of color options that provide an authentic appearance. Brava Shake tiles are impervious to the elements and virtually indestructible. Walking on this roof will not damage it, nor will wind, hail, falling trees, etc. which is a nice secure feeling. You can't say that about most other roofs. We also like that it's 100% recycled and recyclable, and has a low impact on the environment. No trees need to be cut down. What more could you ask for from a roof or siding? Expensive, yes; but not overpriced. If you're building a new home or remodeling an older home, this is a worthwhile investment to seriously consider.

    Features & benefits

    • Authentic appearance — Unique realistic earth tone colors in 4 pre-blended or 3 solid colors
    • Durable — won't curl; resists freeze-thaw, denting and decay; hail resistant with Class 4 impact resistance
    • Fire-safe — available in Class C or Class A fire rating; eligible for insurance premium discounts
    • Wind-resistant — up to 110-mph wind warranty approved for Dade County, FL
    • Long-lasting — comes with a 50-year Limited Warranty
    • Varied thicknesses and widths — 1/2 to 7/8" thick profile, thickest in the industry; 5", 7" and 12" wide x 23" long
    • Exposure — 10" with 13" overlap, which adds protection
    • No breakage — during or after installation; can walk on roof without breaking tiles
    • No special tools — cuts and nails with ease, with gun or manually
    • Multi-purpose — these tiles can also be used as siding
    • Installation temperature — can be installed at temperatures near freezing
    • Eco-friendly — no cutting down cedar trees, made in the USA from post-industrial recycled plastic; lower carbon footprint, recyclable

    Alert: Discontinued Colors: White, Weatherwood

    State Nexus Fee may apply
    A state nexus fee will be applied to this item if drop shipped to the following states: . We're sorry for the inconvenience. Click here to read more about the state nexus fee.


    Coverage (1 Coat)One square = 168 tiles composed of (56) 5" tiles, (56) 7" tiles, (56) 12" tiles
    Recommended # of Coats
    Re-coat After
    Drying Time
    Square Feet / Box Square Feet
    Thickness or Height"
    Veneer Cut Thickness
    Width5" | 7" | 12"
    Boxes / Pallet Boxes
    Square Feet / Pallet Square Feet
    Boards / Box Boards
    Pieces / Box Pieces
    Weight / Box Pounds
    Interior or ExteriorExterior
    Use On Material
    Use On
    LocationAll residential or commercial sloped roofs, Roofs, Siding
    Eco-replacement forAsphalt shingles, Roofing, Shake roofing tile, Vinyl Siding, Wood Shake Roofing
    Chemically-sensitive safeYes learn how to test a non-toxic product for tolerance
    Test before useNo, test on inconspicuous area
    Freeze/Thaw Safe?
    Warranties50 Years
    Residential Finish Wear
    Residential Structural
    Commercial Finish Wear
    Commercial Structural
    Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
    FSC Content
    FSC Chain-of-Custody #
    LEED® Qualifications
    LEED® Regional Materials Zip Code
    Minimum Order
    Old Name
    Material Origin
    Country of ManufactureUnited States
    Recycled Content100%
    Shelf Life
    Use With These Products
    Number of Colors Colors
    Carpet Pattern
    Coordinating Border
    Critical Radiant Flux
    Extractable Matter
    Face or Pile Weight
    General Flammability
    Surface Flammability
    GSA Classification
    Machine Guage
    Moth Resistance
    Pattern Repeat
    Pile Height (High)
    Pile Height (Low)
    Primary Backing
    Resistance to Insect Pests
    Roll Length '
    Secondary Backing
    Smoke Density
    Stitches Per Inch
    Surface Texture, Construction, Style
    Total Height
    Total Weight
    Traffic Rating
    Tufts per Sq. In. Tufts / Sq In
    Yarn Construction
    Bundles per Pallet70 Bundles
    Bundles per Square 6" Exposure Bundles
    Bundles per Square 7" Exposure Bundles
    Bundles per Square 7-1/2" Exposure Bundles
    Bundles per Square 8" Exposure Bundles
    Pounds per Bundle25.4 Pounds
    Pounds per Pallet1900 Pounds
    Pounds per Roll Pounds
    Pounds per Square10" exposure - 355 Pounds
    Pounds per Square 6" Exposure Pounds
    Pounds per Square 7" Exposure Pounds
    Pounds per Square 7-1/2" Exposure Pounds
    Pounds per Square 8" Exposure Pounds
    Lin Feet per Bundle Lin Feet
    Lin Feet per Pallet Lin Feet
    Rolls per Pallet Rolls
    Squares per Roll Squares
    Tiles per bundle12 Tiles
    Tiles per Lin Foot Tiles
    Finish Type
    VOC Content Grams/Liter
    Application Method
    Application Temperature Range
    Application Instructions
    Surface or Product Preparation
    Appearance When Dry
    Cleans Up With
    Recycling or DisposalRecyclable
    Bamboo Construction
    Bathroom Installation
    Color Change
    Construction Description
    Finish Sheen
    Finish Contains Aluminum Oxide?
    Floor Item Type
    Floor Pattern
    Floor Type
    Grade Installation
    Janka Hardness Rating
    Joint System
    Number of Plys -Plys
    Radiant Heat
    Range of Resistance
    Risk in Dry Climates
    Shade (1 Light) - (7 Dark)
    Strips / Plank -Strips/Plank
    Surface Texture
    Surface Treatment
    Surface Treatment Color
    Tile Application
    Touch Up Kit
    Can be indoor?
    Can be outdoor?
    Direct Vent?
    Energy Factor
    Max Gallons Per Minute - GPM
    Max BTU's / Hour - BTU's / Hour
    Multi Control Capabilities
    Temperature Range (with remote)
    Life Hrs
    Input Wattage W
    Delivered Lumens lm
    Efficacy lm/W
    Color Temperature K
    Color Rendering Index (CRI)
    Equivalent Wattage W
    Energy Savings
    Additional Information

    Shipping Info

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